How Can I Quit Smoking?

By Happiful,
updated on Aug 16, 2017

How Can I Quit Smoking?

If you've tried patches and gum, but it isn't working, here's some advice to help you stop smoking

Nearly 100,000 people in the UK die from smoking each year and the cost of a 20-a-day smoking habit is around £60 a week, so whether you’re quitting for health or financial reasons, it makes sense to do it properly. Hypnotherapy has been found to have a higher success rate in helping people quit smoking, but why does it work so well?

Smoking is controlled by the unconscious mind. Hypnosis helps us access the REM state, where your unconscious mind is more open to new ideas. With hypnotherapy, the conscious effort not to smoke isn’t needed; the urge is no longer there.

Your unconscious may have been programmed by years of repetition to believe smoking was doing something positive for you, whether to relieve stress or give you confidence in social situations. Hypnosis can reprogramme your unconscious to achieve those same intentions, but in healthier ways.

Gavin Roberts

Most cigarettes are smoked through habit or conditioned response to stimuli. You might light up without thinking about it because smoking has become an automatic response to certain triggers, most of which are psychological, rather than a physical addiction to nicotine.

Perhaps hypnosis can help you stub out the smoking habit.

Read the full article on Hypnotherapy Directory. Written by Gavin Roberts, advanced holistic hypnotherapist.

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