#HonestGram - The Mental Health Reality Behind The Picture

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on May 15, 2018

#HonestGram - The Mental Health Reality Behind The Picture

Head Talks launches #HonestGram campaign across social media in Mental Health Awareness Week

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May), Head Talks have launched #HonestGram to encourage people to share the mental health reality behind the pictures they post. The campaign is designed to help break the stigma around discussing mental health issues and spark a more honest thread of conversations on social media.

The campaign has already been supported by many, including food writer and Head Talks ambassador Melissa Hemsley.

Hi friends. Here's my #HonestGram post. As an ambassador for @headtalksnews the amazing peeps there have asked me to post how I honestly feel right now. Yes, our mental wellbeing is important every single day but tomorrow kicks off *Mental Health Awareness Week* and it's a really big week to move the dial forward for real life conversation and progression for all of our mental health. So here's mine. Today is quite tough. It's been a funny few months anyway, I've been trying to shoo away anxiety and then I've had half a week of sleepless nights over Nelly. To distract myself from helplessness, I've been throwing myself into *getting shit done* and running on empty. But today the stress has caught up, I feel sick with exhaustion and have panic bubbles and a twisted tummy thinking about everything to come. I know the tools I have and the things I know will make me feel a bit better but it doesn't always work does it? Today I will rest and go gently and be kind to myself rather than tough it out and pretend I can handle it all because I can't. So this morning, I've had 4 cups of lovely tea on the phone to a few friends where i've been truly honest with them and myself and had a laugh and a cry. Im glad I heard human voices and not just text. I'm roasting a chicken, got my face mask on and I have made a pact with myself to take the day as it comes and honour how I truly feel. . Now enough about me! How are you honestly feeling? Sending love to everyone today #MHAW #mentalhealthawarenessweek

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Head Talks are encouraging everyone to get involved in the campaign in Mental Health Awareness Week.

With #mentalhealthawarenessweek just around the corner, we are launching a new social media campaign #HonestGram, which aims to create a space on social media for open and honest discussions about how we’re really feeling. How we represent our lives on social media is often very different to the nitty gritty reality of everyday life. Instead of the #lifegoals rose-tinted ideal so many of us often portray, #HonestGram is an opportunity for you to speak freely about your inner most thoughts and feelings. Join us by posting your #HonestGram and make sure you tag us in (@headtalksnews) so we can see it and share it on our channels too 😊 And why not nominate a couple of friends who you would like to see do an #HonestGram (link in bio for details!)

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To join in to the Mental Health Awareness Week conversation add #MHAW2018.

Head Talks is a new free digital platform that hosts short talks aimed at informing, inspiring and engaging those interested in their mental wellbeing. It features real people speaking from the heart and from their own experience.

For mental health support and to find a counsellor in your area visit Counselling Directory.

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