Happiful Pride Pledge: Six months on

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updated on Jun 2, 2021

Happiful Pride Pledge: Six months on

An update on our pledge to better represent LGBTIQA+ people in our content

Six months ago, we made a pledge to elevate LGBTIQA+ voices and properly represent LGBTIQA+ people in all our content. This review is a chance to look over what we have achieved in this time and what we will continue to work on.

1. Stock Images

Our designers have done a fantastic job of using diverse stock images wherever possible. They ensure that this is present throughout the entire magazine, and not just in pieces discussing LGBTIQA+ issues.

Equally, we have also been looking at the images on our web articles and have applied the same principles here.

With limited options, there are challenges when sourcing diverse stock images. It is our hope that these become more common as demand grows.

2. LGBTIQA+ Writers

Back in the summer, we put the call out for LGBTIQA+ contributors. We’re delighted to say that this resulted in an influx of brilliant pitches covering both LGBTIQA+ issues and other areas of mental health.

We are still keen to hear from writers who would like to contribute to our magazine, and if you would like to send us a pitch, take a look at our contributor guidelines and send us an email to [email protected]

3. LGBTIQA+ Experts

When it comes to getting an expert opinion, or advice on a piece that’s looking at LGBTIQA+ topics, it was really important to us to make sure that we were talking to the right people.

We have since worked with some brilliant charities who have been able to advise us on our editorial as well as inviting us to get involved with campaigns.

We continue to look at ways we can work with more LGBTIQA+ experts. If this sounds like something you could help with, get in touch at [email protected]

A look at the future

Going forward, we want to maintain the momentum that we have built up over the past few months. We are excited to work with more LGBTIQA+ writers, as well as with LGBTIQA+ cover stars, and to continue to work on creating better media representation for all.

If you have spotted an area where you think we could be doing better, please do get in touch.

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