Happiful App Directory Member FAQs

Thank you for taking the time to download the Happiful App for positive mental health

Here, you can learn more about the way the Happiful App works alongside your directory profile. If you have any feedback or suggestions for our team, please let us know by filling out the form below.

This form is for professional members of the Happiful Family wellness directories.

Who is the Happiful App for?
Everyone! The Happiful App has been designed to unite all of our wellbeing platforms - Happiful, Counselling Directory, Hypnotherapy Directory, Life Coach Directory, Nutritionist Resource and Therapy Directory - in one place, providing a one-stop-hub for users to manage their wellbeing journey.

It lets us engage the entire population on topics surrounding mental and physical health under one instantly-recognisable and engaging banner, and provide them with access to helpful information and professional services (like you!).
Do I need to pay in order for my profile to appear in Happiful App searches?
Not at all - it’s fully included in your directory membership.
Will I still appear in searches on the directory website?
Absolutely - our directories are crucial to our company mission and will continue to receive the same support and to function exactly as you know and expect them to. The Happiful App simply provides another route for prospective clients get in touch with you!
Will the Happiful App change the way clients can contact me?
No - you will continue to receive emails and phone calls exactly the same way as you do now. Because app users will be using their mobile phones to view your profile, you may notice an increase in the ratio of phone calls to emails that you receive - so we strongly recommend checking that any phone numbers displayed on your profile are up to date so you can respond promptly!
Do I have to download or use the app myself?
No - all of your app information is pulled directly from your directory profile, so you don’t need to use the app to manage your details or to receive enquiries. Naturally, we hope you’ll want to download and use the app yourself - but the choice is entirely yours!
When will my latest profile updates appear on the app?
The information displayed on the app is refreshed every hour, so any changes to your profile may take up to one hour to appear. This allows us to speed up the app’s performance, giving users the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible. You can still update your profile whenever you want to via your Members’ Area, and your changes will still appear on the directory immediately* as normal.

*note: if you update the address or logos displayed on your profile, this can take up to two working days to be approved by our Membership Team. This allows us to manually check that your changes are optimised for our site.
Will the articles and events I publish be available on the Happiful App?
Yes - the app will display all articles and events published on our directories. However, there may be some exceptions - if our team feels that an article or event may be unsuitable for our app users - for instance, if the topic matter is particularly triggering/sensitive.
Will I still appear in search results for my area?
Yes - you will still appear in local searches according to your distance from the user’s location. Because the Happiful App unites all of our wellbeing directories, the search filters are slightly different to the ones on our individual websites - we’ve purposefully designed this based on user feedback to provide the most simple and intuitive user experience. We’ll continue to monitor performance and feedback as we develop future updates.
I have a Top Listing - will it apply to searches carried out on the Happiful App too?
No - Top Listings only currently apply to searches carried out on the directory they were purchased on.
Will my Profile Statistics show how many people looked at my profile on the Happiful App?
Your Profile Statistics is powered by Google Analytics, which only captures web activity - not mobile app activity. This means that your Profile Statistics won’t include people looking at your profile on the app, or people calling you via the app - but it will include any emails that were sent to you. Naturally, we’re keen to show you how many visitors found your profile via the Happiful App too, so we’re developing a solution right now - and we’re hoping to have it in place soon.
Can clients book their session through the Happiful App?
Yes! App users can contact you to arrange a session via the 'Contact me' button, just as they can on our websites.
How do I remove my profile from the Happiful App?
You can remove yourself from Happiful App searches at any time by adjusting your settings in our Directory Members’ Area - just click ‘Update Profile’ > ‘Happiful App’, and adjust your preferences before saving. You can change these settings whenever you wish.
I've found an issue with the app, what do I do?
As we are in the early stages of developing the app, there are a small number of known issues, such as the Facebook log in process when using two-factor authentication not running smoothly and the repetition of articles when there's a poor connection to the internet. However, if you spot an issue, please let us know in the feedback form below so we can make sure we have spotted it.
How do I log into the Happiful App?
You can either register for a free Happiful App account, or you can sign in using Facebook (don't worry - we will never post to your Facebook account). Your Happiful App account is completely separate to your directory membership, so you will need to use your Happiful App log in whenever you use the app.

We’re really interested to hear what our members think of the Happiful App. To let us know your thoughts, simply fill out our Member Feedback Form:

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