Grace Victory - I am. I have

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jul 22, 2019

Grace Victory - I am. I have

Our new columnist Grace Victory shares her three ‘I am’s’ and one ‘I have’ on Happiful and Counselling Directory's podcast

Following her cover interview in August’s Magazine, Happiful columnist Grace Victory joins I am. I have host Lucy Donoughue to talk about life, alignment, standing in her power and acknowledging anxiety.

Opening up the conversation, Grace shares that she is more aligned today than she was yesterday. “When you’re healing and talking about difficult things and in therapy, some things are really tough,” Grace says, sharing that she is experiencing an anxious time.

“There’s something about knowing that you’re having a rough time but also knowing that you’re in the right place,” Grace continues. “That’s a belief I have; no matter how bad things are, how anxious I feel, or ungrounded, I know that I am still aligning with where I’m meant to be... it’s about having the courage and strength to say ‘I’m not ok but I know there’s some kind of lesson in not being ok.’”

Grace’s second I am is I am honest about my feelings. Grace shares that this is something she is proud of, honouring the parts of her that she used to neglect by trying to please others.

I am learning to stand in my power, is Grace’s third I am. “Standing in my power is being who I am without performing,” she asserts, explaining the importance of authenticity. Power, for Grace, is also about continuing to learn, work with and embrace the spiritual world.

Grace’s I have, is I have hope that I will heal.

“Sometimes it feels like self-care can be a chore,” she says after speaking about therapy and becoming increasingly self-aware. Having self-belief, Grace notes, is the key to unlocking challenges around healing.

As the conversation closes, Grace is asked what she would want to hear from future Grace - ten years from now. The answer? You’ll have to listen!

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