She’s Done It: Government Confirms Plan to Ban #Upskirting

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Jun 19, 2018

She’s Done It: Government Confirms Plan to Ban #Upskirting

After one MP blocked the campaign, the Government have confirmed they will be introducing the #UpskirtingBill as a Government bill, ensuring the act will officially be a recognised sexual offence

If you’ve watched the news or been on social media the past seven days, chances are that you’ve seen Gina Martin; the person behind the campaign to make upskirting illegal.

On Friday, Gina, accompanied by her lawyer Ryan Whelan, walked into the House of Commons ready to present the second reading of the upskirting bill to the Government. While they were received well, and supported by Minister Lucy Fraser and Prime Minister Theresa May, the bill was not passed due to one MP objecting.

Responding to the news; heartbroken but not ready to give up, Gina said: “I am obviously extremely upset and disappointed that Sir Chope decided to object on this vitally important bill for the women of England and Wales. I remain positive, though.

“We knew this was a risk - but I now stand with powerful, passionate, women and men behind me, and I am confident that Lucy Fraser is committed to - and will - close the gap in the law.”

Gina wasn’t the only person disappointed, either. Support flooded in by her followers, MPs and celebrity supporters of the campaign, including Mayor Sadiq Khan, Holly Willoughby and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Despite the support, there were still some objectors to the campaign, though these were quickly acknowledged by Gina and her supporters, who responded with dignity and integrity. One objector who came under fire was celebrity lawyer, Nick Freeman.

He wrote: “Whilst this is totally unacceptable conduct, if women assumed some responsibility for their attire they would not be in jeopardy. Prosecutions will only utilise valuable police and CPS resources that should be prioritised elsewhere.”

And it wasn’t just those who followed Gina who came to her defence. Freeman’s own daughter, Sophie Freeman, responded: “Get real dad - what an ignorant and thoughtless comment.”

But things have changed

Following the disappointing news and a weekend of upset, on Monday 18 June, Gina spoke to Philip and Holly on This Morning. She explained how she had met with Chope to discuss her bill and why she was so passionate about making upskirting illegal.

“He’s on board now, the entire government’s on board” she said.

And while speaking on This Morning, Gina was unaware of the progress being made by the Government. Her #UpskirtingBill was being introduced as a Government Bill, meaning no blocking can be made, and upskirting will be made a recognised sexual offence, punishable by up to two years in prison.

“I said that we’d look back on Friday as the day one man tried to stand in the way of justice and didn’t. But I didn’t realise we’d be looking back on it so soon” she said in an official statement.

“Just as I predicted, Lucy Frazer and the Government has remained firmly behind me and decided, after consultation, to ensure upskirting becomes a specific sexual offence, by putting forward a Government Bill.”

Gina continued, “This bill will go through. The Government, Ryan and I will finish this. Upskirting will be made a sexual offence. And it just shows that if something isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how ‘normal’ you are.

“We all have the ability to change things if we work hard, know what we want, go about it the right way and just. don’t. stop.”

You can follow Gina (@beaniegigi) on Twitter or Instagram.

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