#GlobalPrideMakeOver - Supporting Everyone's Right To Live and Love Without Discrimination And Violence

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jul 9, 2018

#GlobalPrideMakeOver - Supporting Everyone's Right To Live and Love Without Discrimination And Violence

Gok Wan Launches #GlobalPrideMakeOver To Highlight And Fight Against Continuing Global Discrimination And Violence

Gok Wan launched #GlobalPrideMakeOver, his campaign with Gay Times and All Out, during an appearance on ITV's This Morning daytime show. Speaking with Amanda Holden and Rylan Clark, Gok called for everyone to get behind the campaign that highlights the global inequality for LGBTQ+ communities.

An emotional film presented by Gok, begins as a 'what to wear for pride' guide but moves on to explore the reality of the concept of pride for some, and the horrendous mistreatment of LGBTQ+ communities in parts of the world.

“Here in the UK, we are fortunate - some may say lucky,” comments Gok.“We're legally free to wear what we want to and be the people we want to be. But in some parts of the world, that's just not the case.”

“What these countries need is for us to stand next to them.” Gok then urges everyone to visit All Out, to offer vital support and help to give the world the “global pride makeover we so desperately need.”

The film outlines just some of the many atrocities committed against members of LGBTQ+ communities, including:

  • Police firing bullets into the crowd at Gay Pride in Istanbul last week, simply because the community wanted to march with pride.
  • Police rounding up Trans People in Indonesia earlier this year and forcibly cutting their hair.
  • Police detaining people who were breaking gender boundaries at Ugandan Pride in 2016 and then sexually assaulting them.
  • The detainment of LGBTQ+ people in Chechnya last year by police who then took their phones and used their contacts to trick their friends into concentration camps.

There has already been widespread support for #GlobalPrideMakeOver

Please support #GlobalPrideMakeOver.

Like Gok, we wish everyone - across the world - a happy and safe Pride.

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