Forget the fads: 5 menopause products that actually work

By Suzanne Baum,
updated on Feb 16, 2024

Forget the fads: 5 menopause products that actually work

Feeling hot and bothered? Here’s our expert guide to the best products around to help you beat those midlife symptoms

When I hit 50 in March, and decided it was time to take control of the menopausal symptoms I was experiencing, I didn’t need to Google what worked. As a beauty journalist, I am privy to every product going – from skincare and beauty to fans and clothing – and have seen pretty much every new launch.

Despite not having to do my research, the algorithms of social media started bombarding me with adverts – products for dry vaginas, mood-boosting supplements, magic cures to help brain fog, and so on. The market is saturated with menopause products, and I can understand just how confusing it can be for women, who simply don’t know what works best.

A high price tag may seem unappealing, but if a product claims to be “one of the best” to help calm dry skin, or a supplement “promises” to boost collagen, or the latest CBD oil is “guaranteed” to give you a good night’s sleep, it is easy to be persuaded by the advertising.

With so many brands trying to capitalise on the menopause market, don’t sweat the small stuff. Here’s my guide to products that actually work.

Menopause Faace


This is a product that targets the multiple needs of menopausal skin – from dryness and a dull complexion to acne flare ups and dark spots – and it works like a dream. The contents of the chic pink tube are described as a mask, but can be used as a face cream, primer, or overnight treatment.

With its combination of ingredients, including rose water to soothe and refresh skin, carrot seed and pomegranate oil providing antioxidant properties, and zinc to fight breakouts, this is a super-powered multi-functional product.

I only apply it when my skin is playing up, and because it sinks so gently into the skin, with no sticky residue, it is such a pleasure to use. One application, and my skin instantly feels hydrated. And if, like me, you suffer from middle-aged acne, apply the mask overnight and the spots dry up as you sleep. It’s what dreams are made of!

(From, £31)

The Sensation Cooling Scarf

There can be a tendency to go into ‘rescuer’ mode, and want to fix the other person, as it’s so painful to observe their hurt (1).jpg

If you suffer from hot flushes, this is the perfect product to help you keep your cool. As soon as you drape it around your neck, it goes to work. The nature of the fabric technology means that it keeps dry and cool at all times – the fibres wick moisture and water vapour away, and accelerate evaporation. It is this evaporation that provides the immediate cooling sensation. Once taken out of its packaging, the scarf can be shaken and placed anywhere on the skin.

My hot flushes tend to come at night, so I place the scarf across my pillow, and it seems to help regulate my body temperature. I even used it when travelling around Florida last year, and it provided instant relief in hot temperatures.

(From, £24.99)

PRAI MenoGlow Hot Flush Cool Fix Serum


Keep cool and roll on with this product! Forget serums as you know them, for this is in fact a cooling rollerball gel, that I carry around with me everywhere. If you are hot, have sore skin, or need a quick pick-me-up, this works a treat. It contains the powerhouse ingredient hyaluronic acid, which helps plump the skin and fill-in wrinkles.

The bonus factor is you can use it on top of make-up. Even if I am not having menopausal symptoms, I use it at night when the weather is hot, as it glides over the skin and feels like a cold flannel.

(From, £35)

M&S Flexifit™ Non Wired Full Cup Bra A–E


I cannot speak highly enough about this bra. I only wish I had discovered it sooner! The fact it has no wiring or padding, yet stays in place all day, is a miracle. The fabric is so cool, thanks to its soft, stretchy material that regulates the temperature. Even in the summer heatwaves, I felt super comfortable in it. There’s nothing worse than when your bra digs into you, yet with this one you can’t even feel you have one on.

It gave me the lift I needed, for my breasts and my mental wellbeing. So good, I bought it in every colour!

(From, £22)

The Chillmax Air Fan


This fan is ideal if you work from home, or just need something to cool you down throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than having a hot flush while on a work Zoom, and this helps lower your body temperature.

I have tried lots of fans, but the reason this makes my top five list is because it is compact, reasonably priced, and I love the refreshing mist option – you fill it with water and it actually works as an air cooler (halfway between a fan and an air conditioner).

The ability to change the different coloured lights on the top is a nice touch, too, particularly at night.

(From, £29.99)

You don’t need to suffer with the nasty side-effects that the menopause can sometimes hit you with. It’s about knowing how best to deal with them, and understanding that you don’t have to push symptoms aside. Looking after yourself, by finding ways to tackle those side-effects, is vitally important for your wellbeing and happiness.

The products listed have been independently reviewed and are not influenced by any affiliations or commissions. Images of the products are from the websites.

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