First International Ministerial Mental Health Summit To Be Held In London

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on May 23, 2018

First International Ministerial Mental Health Summit To Be Held In London

Mental Health Summit will bring together delegates from over 30 countries

The first ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit will be held later this year in London, Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced this week.

The aim of the October summit is to ensure that healthcare systems around the world value mental health in the same way that physical health is valued. Leading academics, Ministers, patients and policy makers from over 30 countries will be invited and encouraged to work together to make this aim a reality.

Delegates will share how they tackle issues such as discrimination, stigma and the increased rate of anxiety and depression among young people.

Jeremy Hunt said “I hope that this inaugural global health summit can play a central role in changing the story for millions of people around the world experiencing mental illness."

He continued "This is the next step in a journey to a new level of co-operation between nations so that we can improve people’s access to evidence-based services and bear down on stigma and and other factors that are exacerbating this mental health crisis.”

The Health and Social Care Secretary also announced the Global Alliance of Champions on Mental Health, which has been set up with with Ministers from Australia and Canada. Political Leaders have committed to raising the profile of mental health, working across world regions.

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