Embrace Your Inner Child This Summer

Rebecca Thair
By Rebecca Thair,
updated on Jun 8, 2017

Embrace Your Inner Child This Summer

If you’re afraid to let your imagination run wild, remember that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing up

Remember when you were a kid, and your biggest worry was whether the rocket you were building from cardboard boxes would be able to carry all your toys to the moon? The pressures of daily adult life can often make us feel stuck in a rut of responsibility, and we forget to let our guards down in order to enjoy some carefree fun. But what if we took a day out to not act our age? Or to at least give in to our playful selves and release our inner child again? Here’s a few thoughts on how you can add some happy-go-lucky playfulness to your daily routine:

This is photo of a blanket fort with fairy lights and cushions

Build a fort

All you need are a few pillows, blankets and a creative mind to let a comfy castle – or perhaps a secret cave – begin to take shape in your home. If you’ve got kids, they’ll love to get involved and have a secret space to play. If not, you’ve got yourself a perfect den for reading, writing or even watching one of your favourite childhood films.

Explore nature

It could be as simple as heading to the local woods to climb a tree, visiting a brook to build a dam, or going for a bike ride around the places you normally just pass through on your way to work. Experiencing familiar haunts from a fresh, creative angle can be an easy and fun way to get outside and rekindle that adventurous spirit.

Have an adventure

This is photo of people on a tree top obstacle course

If you fancy a new activity or want to go further afield in your exploring, there are lots of activities for adults that allow you to access your inner child. [Bounce Below](https://www.zipworld.co.uk/adventure/detail/bounce-below) is a thrill-seeker’s subterranean playground with trampolines, bouncy nets and slides, set in a cavern in north Wales. Another great day out is [Go Ape](https://goape.co.uk/), which has locations all across the UK, providing tree top adventures where you can unleash your primal Tarzan as you face high rope obstacles, or explore the forest on your own Segway experience.
Have a fancy dress party

Part of being a kid all over again is enjoying a lack of inhibition, whereby you can let your high spirits come out to play. Getting into character and making a costume can be a fun release, and giving your party a fancy dress element makes things that much more special with the effort you and your friends will put into it. It also gives you something to anticipate: trying to guess what your friends will show up as. Plus, with a few summer cocktails, it’ll be full of laughs.

Have a water fight

Get yourself outdoors with a bunch of friends, water balloons at the ready, and let the chaos commence! Hopefully the British summer will appear as an excuse for you to cool off in the sun, but whatever your reason, it’s great to recreate the fun of running around and playing chase-and-catch. The water is just another element to throw into the mix.

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