Practising doctor, author and broadcaster Dr Radha Modgil join’s Happiful’s podcast to talk about learning, hope and how embracing clarity, choice and change can make a difference in difficult circumstances

GP, broadcaster and champion of wellbeing and kindness, Dr Radha Modgil shares her thoughts on ways to keep well when we’re stick indoors, her brilliant social initiative #notalone and why really tuning in to who we are, and what we want for ourselves is the route to happiness.

Dr Radha on...

For her three I am’s - Dr shares that she is learning, just like everyone else, she is also unlearning elements of thinking, and a believer in the power of clarity, choice and change.

Learning...just like you

Dr Radha shares that she is passionate about learning, and ‘just like you’, relates to the fact that we are all always learning - no matter what our role or job is. 2020 has been a huge learning for everyone she explains, and as a doctor she is experiencing the impact of coronavirus for the first time, just like us all. “It’s important to recognise when people have specific expertise, but it’s important to realise that we are human too, and we don’t have all the answers. Although that’s an uncomfortable thing to sit with, it’s better to be honest and truthful about that.”

We have to learn - but we also have to unlearn the things that aren’t necessarily true about us


“This may seem to contradict my first I am,” Dr Radha explains, “But actually a lot of things that stop us or get in the way of the person we want to be are things that we’ve learned as we’ve grown up or messaging that we’ve had from society.

“Instead of learning who we are, sometimes we have to unlearn and take away some of the beliefs and ideas that have been told to us - about us. That way we can recognise who we actually are.

“They are two sides of the same coin,” Dr Radha continues. “We have to learn - but we also have to unlearn the things that aren’t necessarily true about us.”

Believing in the power of clarity, choice and change

Dr Radha is passionate about helping people understand that there are three elements you can draw upon if you want to move away from your current situation or emotional state. These are clarity, choice and change.

“Clarity - get clear about what the problem is and what you want to change,” Dr Radha explains. “The ability to choose is one of the things that we’re really only in control of, and our choices define our life. We have the power to make those choices. And finally change, all about the action. Putting in the steps to bring something different in your life.

“Clarity, choice and change is the bridge from one state into another.”

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