Dr Joshua Wolrich: Food isn’t medicine - challenge the nutrib&llocks!

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jan 16, 2023

Dr Joshua Wolrich: Food isn’t medicine - challenge the nutrib&llocks!

Dr Joshua Wolrich, NHS surgical doctor and author of Food isn’t Medicine: Challenge Nutrib&llocks and Escape the Diet Trap, joins Happiful’s podcast to talk about diet culture and using influence for good

Since graduating medical school in 2014, Dr Joshua Wolrich has continued to learn professionally and personally about the impact of diet culture and misinformation around the role of food or, as he refers to it ‘nutribollocks’.

Today, he's a passionate advocate of health and every size and keen to bust the endless myths about what we consume and how we consume it, restrictive eating and ‘cure-all’ supplements or diets.

Dr Joshua’s own journey with diet culture

After becoming a doctor, Joshua shares that he decided to use Instagram - initially - as a platform to help him lose weight. However, by sharing his own experiences and spending time online discussing food, he came across a lot of information that challenged his preconceptions of weight and health, the way he saw himself and how he treated his patients at the time.

As a result, he now talks about challenging weight stigma, nutrib&llocks and fad diet misinformation.

"Let's be clear," he says "Every diet advice is about weight loss, it's not about health, even when people tell you it is."

Now, as well as running his Instagram account and writing a book, Joshua is studying for an MSc in Nutrition because he "didn't want to stray too far out of my lane, and get some formal training in the stuff I talk about!"

Becoming an unintended influencer

As Joshua's Instagram account evolved and grew, so did his following. He was initially cautious about the idea of becoming an 'influencer'.

"I hated that word at first, but it's kind of grown on me in the sense that I have a platform and I am quite happy to influence! I'm talking about stuff in a way that I believe is unusual for someone in the UK - specifically as a guy and someone who is young.

"So if those factors, and the other privileges I have give me the ability to influence, then I'm pleased to do that."

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