Jo Love, Founder of Lobella Loves and Tea for PND, speaks to Happiful in Maternal Mental Health Week about #DepressionWearsLippy and women supporting women

Jo Love has just returned from a counselling session when we start to talk. I know this because she tells me, and as I follow her on Instagram, I have seen her talking about her experiences, which often seem raw and painful.

By being so honest about her own ongoing journey, Jo is encouraging other mums to join in, speak out and realise that they are far from alone. She is an advocate for seeking professional mental health support, as well as harnessing the collective power of on and offline communities, such as the one she has grown over the past year through her Instagram account @lobellaloves_jo.

Jo continually seeks to address misconceptions and perceptions around maternal mental health and to grow understanding about the difficulties around motherhood. However, early in her work, she received a direct message from a woman claiming that she was ‘glamourising mental health’ and that she couldn’t have a mental health issue as she looked ‘too groomed’. It wasn’t the first time that she had been aware of the conversation about ‘look’ within mental health, Jo continually heard stories from women who had been told by healthcare professionals that they did not have depression or mental health challenges, as they ‘looked well’ and ‘put together’.