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Find out more about the different Happiful magazine subscription options, and why we’re set on offering our digital editions for free

Happiful digital subscription

Q. Is a Happiful digital subscription really free?

A. Absolutely, yes.

No strings attached, no hidden charges, no tricks or traps – our digital magazine subscription is completely free to sign up for.

We don’t ask for bank details, just your email address so that we can send each issue directly to your inbox each month, making sure you never miss out on our latest magazines. What’s more, you can also access the digital edition on our free app, meaning you can dip in and out of your favourite magazine, and access all our back catalogue, whenever’s convenient for you.

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And there’s a really important reason why we do this: We believe, wholeheartedly, that every single person should have access to mental health information and support, with no financial barriers.

Our digital editions are packed full of fascinating features, practical guides, and tips from experts – and if you’re thinking ‘Well, that can’t be free to produce’ you’d be right. The reason we’re able to offer our digital magazine for free is entirely thanks to the kindness of those who purchase our print magazines, and, in turn, support our mission to end stigma and ensure everyone has access to mental health help. Speaking of which…

Happiful print subscriptions

If you prefer to read in print, and want to support our mission to offer our digital edition without charge, a print subscription could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Settle down and switch off as each issue now features our print exclusive journaling section, to help you reflect on your needs, goals, and hopes for the future.

Also, our tree pledge means that for every tree used to make our magazines, we plant two in its place – so you can feel even better about your subscription.

All of our print subscriptions come with free postage and packaging for UK and NI addresses, and arrive at your door in plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging as well.

Happiful magazine spread

Monthly rolling subscriptions

Sign up for a rolling subscription, and get the latest Happiful magazine delivered straight to your door each month for £5.99pm. This convenient option ensures you never miss an issue, and can enjoy the freedom to cancel or pause at any time.

Six month subscription

For just £29.95, you can sign up for a six-month subscription – which is a £5.99 discount on the cover price, or equal to getting one whole issue for free! Your subscription will automatically renew once it has come to an end, unless cancelled.

12 month subscription

Enjoy our best deal, save money, and get two issues for free, with a 12-month subscription for only £59.99. As with our six-month option, your subscription will automatically renew once it has come to an end.

Single issues

Browse through our vast collection of issues, and order single issues from our comprehensive back catalogue for £5.99, with free postage and packaging to the UK and NI.

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I need help with my subscription

Our team is on-hand to help you with any questions you have regarding your subscription, just drop us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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