Anxiety: How therapy can help

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jan 25, 2023

Anxiety: How therapy can help

Returning to Happiful's new podcast shorts I am. I have - How It Helps, Lee Valls speaks about anxiety

Counselling Directory member and psychotherapist Lee Valls talks to Happiful for his final instalment of I am. I have - How It Helps.

This week the mini podcast focuses on anxiety, something Lee says we will all experience within our lives.

“Life is uncertain, nothing is guaranteed, so we live with anxiety day to day. It's part of the human condition,” Lee notes. “However, when it takes over your life and interferes with your day to day, that's when it becomes a problem.”

Lee talks through the concept of fight, flight or freeze - the need to battle, run away or get stuck to the spot with fear. Counselling, he says, can help the person experiencing anxiety to understand what the triggers for their anxiety are and start to address any catastrophic thinking that may be taking place.

Lee's advice on anxiety

  • When you are in an anxious state, you may find that your breathing becomes quite shallow. Take some deep breaths, fill your body with oxygen and anchor yourself in the moment.
  • Notice what is around you. What can you see, what colour is it? Focus on your surroundings.
  • Talk to someone. Communicate - allow yourself to be heard, to be seen and express yourself.
  • Sleep and rest is so important. Make sleep and relaxation a priority.

Lee has also spoken about relationship counselling, anger management, bereavement and grief.

In addition to Lee's discussions around therapy, you can listen to interviews with Martin Robinson, Munroe Bergdorf, Jo Love, Ben Bidwell and Estee Lalonde.

If you would like to hear more discussions around mental health, join Happiful for our very first live event - Podfest For Mental Health, on Saturday 30 March at Kings Place in London. Day tickets are available now.

You can contact Lee Valls through the Counselling Directory, as well as around 15,000 other counsellors across the UK.

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