Adrienne Herbert: "Change is possible at any time in your life"

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jan 26, 2021

Adrienne Herbert: "Change is possible at any time in your life"

Adrienne Herbert, host of The Power Hour and now a brilliant book of the same name, joins Happiful’s podcast to talk about encouragement, change and learning to lead in your own way

Adrienne Herbert’s new book The Power Hour combines her own life experiences along with lessons shared by athletes, writers and theorists from her hit podcast series of the same name, to inspire others to take time for themselves and focus on the life they want.

Joining Happiful’s podcast at the beginning of 2021, Adrienne shares that, although the year may not have started as we had hoped, there are still ways in which we can make it work for us.

Here are a few of Adrienne’s thoughts from the podcast...

On managing this moment in time

  • Bring your attention to what you do have rather than what you don’t have. Doing that can really help to shift your mindset into feeling better.

  • Start small when you do this practise. It doesn’t have to be big! It can be food in the fridge, a comfy bed, a book to read, a friend to talk to on the phone, a dog you can walk. The small things really matter.

  • Small, incremental changes are hugely important. Don’t underestimate the small changes you can make today that can take you closer to your end goal. It might not happen in the timeframe you want. It might not happen in 30 days, in 60 days but, if you could look back and see that every 1%, every step in the right direction can help you change and transform your whole life. I’ve seen it happen.

Change at any stage

  • Change and transformation is something that should be embraced and celebrated at any time in your life, it should be exciting! Who wants to stay the same for their entire life?

  • Being open to change, and being fluid is important - you don’t have to stick with a change forever! Give it a go. If it’s not right for you after six months, then stop. It’s OK.

  • Life is short and unpredictable. You can’t wait for the perfect time, the perfect time does not exist. Don’t let tomorrow stay tomorrow. Make a change today, if you want to.

Lead in your own way

  • Being a leader doesn’t have to mean you’re a politician or a CEO. You can be leading people in your community, in your household, your team at work.

  • To me, being a leader is about leading by example. Everything we do, our actions, our interactions, our reactions - that is being a leader.

  • It takes courage to be a leader and to use your voice, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

Listen to Adrienne’s episode of I am. I have.

Find out more about The Power Hour and follow Adrienne on Instagram.

Lead photo credit - Nathan Gallagher.

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