A Fun Run to End Mental Health Stigma

By Thomas Fishenden,
updated on Jan 2, 2019

A Fun Run to End Mental Health Stigma

Mental health charity, Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind, host their annual fun run

Mental health charity, Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind, will host its annual fun run next month. Thomas Fishenden, from Mind, has the lowdown on how to get involved.

What we do

Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind are a mental health charity, located in the Maidstone and Mid-Kent area, who aim to tackle the stigma and discrimination which is often associated with mental health. We use a person-centred approach to develop skills that aid a person in their recovery, through the ongoing encouraging of proactive self-management of their own wellbeing. We are proud to be a part of the national Mind network – doing our bit to support the mental health of people in our local community.

How we do it

Mind in Maidstone

We aim to raise both money and awareness through a variety of different courses and events which we deliver across the Maidstone and Mid-Kent area. Our Fun Run is a yearly event hosted at Mote Park in Maidstone which aims to provide people with a way to get active about their mental health. The event is an incredibly positive way of raising both money and awareness for mental health issues – with people from all backgrounds and walks of life coming together to raise awareness for what we do as a charity.

Last year we had approximately fifty attendees for the event – a remarkable turn-out for our first year running the event, so this year we would like to push that even further – and encourage as many people as possible to get involved with raising awareness. If you visit us on Facebook or Twitter, you will be able to learn more about the Fun Run and what we have achieved with it over the past year. If you’d like to get active with your training, we also run a running club in Mote Park every Friday – something which we are happy for you to join if you get in touch with us via our contact page.

Mind in Maidstone

What does this year’s Fun-Run have to offer?

This year we aim to tailor to everyone who would like to take part and get active about mental health, so we are offering both 5K and 10K routes for people who would like to get involved – with the option of getting timed should that be something you would like. I would also like to mention that entry for this event is completely free – and whilst sponsorship to raise money for Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind is encouraged, it is not obligatory – and you can simply run to raise awareness for mental health services in your area should you wish! This event is really designed to get proactive about mental health – allowing us to spread awareness in a practical way which will be incredibly beneficial in making people aware of the services available to them.

When is the Fun Run?

The event will take place on Sunday the 22nd of October – with attendees arriving at Mote Park for 10am. Upon arrival to the event, you will be given a short briefing by the MMK Mind team which will go over everything you need to know before you take part in the race. Following on from this, you will be free to go – although we do ask participants to be aware that you may be photographed or recorded on video at times if you have consented to this when completing our online booking form.

Mind in Maidstone

How can I train for the run?

We are very happy to announce that Maidstone Harriers – a local sports club in Maidstone, have donated two free places for the Maidstone Marathon and Half-Marathon to Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind. This is a wonderful opportunity to get pro-active early, whilst raising both money and awareness at an event in the Maidstone area. However – fear not if the active side of fundraising isn’t for you. We are always looking for people willing to fundraise for Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind, so if you are interested, get in touch with [email protected] and let us know what you are interested in doing.

Together, we can stamp out the stigma associated with mental health.

Mind in Maidstone

If you live in the Maidstone and Mid-Kent area and are experiencing a crisis, we are here for you. Call us on 01622 692383, or email [email protected] for more information on where to get help.

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