8 maternal mental health Instagram accounts to follow

Katie Hoare
By Katie Hoare,
updated on May 5, 2021

8 maternal mental health Instagram accounts to follow

Eight mothers on a mission to stamp out stigma and put maternal mental health and emotional wellbeing at the front of everything they do

Sometimes, when it comes to knowing you’re doing a good job (you’re doing an amazing one btw!), learning to honour your post-body baby, feeling all the feels and accepting when things don’t go to plan, a fellow community of mums cheering you can be the turning point.  

So in honour of maternal mental health awareness week, we share eight Instagram accounts to follow that focus on real-life, supportive communities tackling daily challenges alongside sharing beautiful moments, all in the name of motherhood.

1. Chelsea Stivers @thebalanceafterbaby

Mum behind @thebalanceafterbaby, Chelsea Stivers shares personal experiences of her battle with postpartum depression and anxiety. She breaks down the stigma of the struggling mum with honest accounts of the highs and lows of parenthood and normalises those ‘unexpected’ feelings.

2. Anya Hayes - @mothers.wellness.toolkit

If you’re looking for support with the physical changes your body experiences after birth, Anya Hayes is the go-to for real experiences shared by new mothers.

From discussing pelvic floor and vaginal health post-birth to sharing her experience with a cesarean, Anya’s honest account debunks many myths mothers face, stating “The Supermum Myth: you’re not a bad mum, there’s no failure in birth.”

3. Dr. Ashurina Ream - @psychedmommy

A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Ashurina Ream knows first-hand how the expectation of the motherhood 'glow' may not always be a reality, after claiming she felt ‘angry, sad and lonely’ after her first born, and she wasn’t alone.

Now certified in perinatal mental health, Dr. Ashurina offers her online course Keeping Mommy in Mind to other new mothers managing tough emotions.

4. Mary Forester @_tryingtomum

First-time mum Mary is an avid vlogger sharing the realities of daily life with her newborn son. Sharing insights into fitness, feeding and weaning, makeup and emotional wellbeing, Mary has recently set up a Slack community to connect new mums who have felt alone during lockdown and the pandemic.

Head to Mary’s Instagram for a welcome dose of motherhood solidarity and watch her story highlights for more information on joining the Slack community.

5. Sandra Igwe - @sandraigwe

A passionate advocate of maternal mental health and inclusion, TedX speaker and recently listed as one of Forbes Inspirational Women, Sandra is a mother of two who shares all things motherhood, from daily mum chats to recipes, family fun ideas and wellbeing tips.

Sandra is also the founder of @themotherhoodgroup, a community platform for Black mothers where you can find lots of information, support and interviews for Black maternal mental health.

6. Happity - @happity.co.uk

The app that brings new parents together through baby and toddler classes, Happity is a strong advocate for the power of connection in parenthood. Co-founder Emily struggled with post-natal depression and anxiety after the birth of her son which underpins their mission, putting mental wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do. Connect with their supportive community on Instagram or via The Parent Hub on Facebook.

7. Natalie - @theluvweshare

Discovering self-love and acceptance post-baby, Natalie, mamma of two shares her daily journey and what that means for being a mother to a daughter. Sharing the realities of motherhood to young children, relationships and conquering self-worth, head to Natalie’s feed to join her growing community, aptly named ‘the luv we share.’

8. Rosey - @pndandme

Founder of #PNDHour® tweet chat, a weekly perinatal mental health peer support discussion, Rosey is a mum of three who works in the Perthshire area raising awareness and supporting those affected by perinatal mental illness.

As a Mental Health First Aider and with ASIST training, (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), Rosey shares support for parents, inspirational quotes and parental mental health information via Instagram you can find her every Wednesday 8 - 9pm on Twitter.

Family friendly Instagram accounts

  • Feeding and nutrition: award-winning child and baby nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a mum of two offering real, helpful and honest advice to new parents feeding their babies, and is a supportive resource for those in the weaning stage. Head to @sr_nutrition.
  • Connection: launching a business is no easy feat, especially amid a global pandemic. But that didn’t stop Jemma Hoare, mum of two and founder of Kernow Baby Spa, a toddler and baby spa in the Cornwall area enhancing the new mum and baby connection through the power of touch. Head to @kernow_baby_spa
  • Real life experiences: New mums Beth Sandland @bethsandland and Melanie Murphy @melaniiemurphy share their experiences as new parents, from waiting patiently whilst baby Ziggy was in intensive care (Beth) and navigating multiple lockdowns with a newborn (Melanie).

If you are struggling with maternal mental health and need to talk, know that support is available. Use Counselling Directory to find a qualified therapist who is right for you.

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