7 simple steps to reset your mindset and create unstoppable success

By Laura Caunter,
updated on Jul 27, 2022

7 simple steps to reset your mindset and create unstoppable success

If you were told that you have the capability to achieve anything you want, would you accept it, or would you begin to think about all of the things that would get in your way? It’s time to end all that negativity. Here, we set out seven steps to help create unstoppable success from within

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between positive and negative thoughts. If you tell yourself you’re stupid or not good enough, guess what? Your mind will believe you. That one thought will seep into your subconscious, and every time something doesn’t go to plan you will say: “See? I knew I couldn’t do this.” You reaffirm what you believe is true, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it’s time to put a stop to this self-sabotage; here are seven steps to help you completely reset your brain when you need it to step into your true greatness!

1. Change your personal preconceptions

Your personal preconceptions are made up of two layers: past experiences that have affected you before; and the core beliefs those experiences have created within you.

The past experiences will have had either a positive or negative effect on the way you perceive yourself. This will lead to the beliefs and core values (the current set of rules that you are living your life by) which have created your boundaries, fears, and doubts.

Think about any memorable moments that have had a negative effect on you, and what limiting beliefs you are holding on to as a direct result of them.

2. Rewriting your past

According to a study by Dr Julia Shaw, a psychological scientist at University College London, 50% of your memories have been distorted. This shows that our brains cannot tell the difference between true or false memories, which subsequently can lead to us changing the past and accepting things as you see them now, not necessarily how they actually were.

When you think back to a memory that was a negative experience for you, ask yourself these two questions: what did I learn from that experience? How has it made me stronger?

Reflecting on these questions allows your mind to seek positivity. Release any pain, forgive openly, and fuel yourself with the strength those experiences have already given you.

3. Start creating the new you

Your values are a list of things that are important to you in your life. Examples of these could be kindness, honesty, loyalty, compassion, and ambition. Jot down what values you’d like to have, without any limitations.

Your core beliefs are a set of rules you have about yourself, and how you want to live your life. Categories could include happiness, wealth, success, and family. Your core beliefs are the things that you hold important. Write down what you’d like your core beliefs to be, without any limitations.

4. Quit the negative self-talk

When a negative thought enters your head, you have the power to change it into a positive thought, which will then completely alter your perception of the world.

I picture any negative comments in my head as a passing cloud that is floating by. I allow it to pass without attaching emotion, and reinforce positivity by telling myself three positive things. This cancels out the negative and changes the lens through which I am viewing my world. Give this a try when a negative thought next pops into your head.

It’s in the moment when you become aware of your thoughts that you can learn to take back control, and push yourself towards positivity. Jot down any recurring negative thoughts you may have, so you can bring awareness to your self-talk and regain control using the previous exercise.

5. Make time for yourself

When you make time for yourself, your whole world changes. Why? Because your mind has the time to heal and overcome anything that has happened (or is happening), and think about what you want to happen next. This allows you to reflect, to learn, to grow, to challenge yourself, to believe, and plan your future. Jot down how much time you can commit to, and how often you can create that time within your day.

In step six of the Mindset Reset, we’re going to look at introducing new habits, and this will include more time to work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself.

6. Daily habits

When you implement new habits and commit to them, they can transform your life. Here are four areas to focus on to help you:

  • First-thing thoughts
    What are you excited about? What do you love about your life? Fill your mind with positivity before getting out of bed in the morning.

  • Conscious thinking
    According to a recent study in the journal Science, we spend 46.9% of our day on autopilot, so let’s become more conscious of the present. Take in your surroundings, use your senses to be in the moment, and give your all to whatever it is that you are focusing on.

  • Daily ‘you time’
    Commit to small pockets of ‘you time’ each day. This could be standing outside for five minutes, listening to some calming music, or practising deep breathing.

  • Night-time gratefulness
    What are you thankful for? What can you celebrate about the day? Fill your head with gratitude just before you go to sleep.

7. Your support system

The support you have in your life creates the foundations of your growth. Fill your life with people who motivate you, push you, and help you thrive. Note down who brings out the best in you. Think about the people who you always feel good around.

As suggested by motivational speaker Jim Rohn, the person you are equates to the five people you spend the most time with, so choose your inner circle wisely –and make time for the people who help you prosper.

Personal development is a lifelong journey. The great news? You can reset anytime, as many times as you need! This journey is one you will be on for life. The steps get easier to implement, and the negativity will become less as your positivity grows and your confidence shines through.

To find out more, visit Life Coach Directory or speak to a qualified life coach.

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