6 secrets to successful teamwork

Samantha Redgrave-Hogg
By Samantha Redgrave-Hogg,
updated on Feb 16, 2024

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Are you losing motivation at work? Or simply wondering how to create a winning culture within your team? Let’s look at why teamwork is important and how to build that ultimate dream team

As the Lionesses return home this morning after the World Cup final, I’m curious about what makes a team successful. After 13 million people tuned into the final, it looks like many of us are inspired by their arresting achievements lately. Not only are they the first English women’s team to win the Euro trophy, but as we all know they also reached the World Cup final this weekend.

Even though the Lionesses were thwarted at the last hurdle, their undeniable success so far shows us how to develop a positive team culture. So, why is teamwork important and what are the secrets to success?

1. Good communication

Each team member needs to feel like they can speak honestly (whilst being diplomatic) to reduce any possible misunderstandings and encourage a more collaborative working environment. It may be worth wondering about your communication style and how this may be different to your other team members. Actively listening to what team members have to say can strengthen those core relationships and result in a friendlier and more fulfilling place to be.

In his article Importance of communication in relationships, Counsellor Michael Betts talks about the importance of communication within a team,

Collaboration and teamwork are another important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship, knowing that you are on each other’s side. For this to be in place, each party needs to be able to listen to and hold the other person in mind, in order to be able to compromise and move forward.
Teamwork can be unfavourably affected by cognitive biases. The result can be that group decisions are unevenly influenced by two or three members of the team who are more extroverted or ‘confident’.

2. Mutual respect

At every stage, it’s important that team members feel respected, taking into consideration their unique circumstances, differing ways of seeing the world, and who they are as a whole. Being respectful is the cement that holds your team together. It shows that it’s OK for people to be different within that group dynamic - and still hold onto the same intention.

When we radically accept someone for who they are, we open ourselves up to a world of deep understanding. And when we feel both accepted and understood, we’re able to explore ourselves and the group to its maximum potential - whatever that looks like!

3. Growth mindset

How do you feel when you make a mistake? Developing a growth mindset means taking the opportunity to learn from mistakes and thinking about how you may do things differently next time. Something many of us need to work on - including me! Mistakes (and perceived ‘failure’) are inevitable, but it’s how you view these pitfalls as a team that changes the way you see things moving forward.

Flipping that script from “mistakes are bad” to “mistakes gives us the chance to improve and learn new skills” instantly creates a winning mindset of overcoming challenges to succeed.

A growth mindset also means praising the effort and not just the outcome. Sometimes, things don’t go quite to plan and we lose out on something we’ve been working for, but looking at how hard you worked together as a team can be a fruitful way to stay motivated and stay connected.

4. Everyone feels part of the team’s success

It’s unlikely that one person is solely responsible for a good team outcome, so celebrating wins together is another way to bring everyone closer and encourage team members to aim higher. This can look like praising each other’s hardworking effort and focusing on the team’s personal development.

At Happiful, feeling like we are all working towards something and playing a part in each other’s successes is one of our core values as a company.

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As Happiful content creator Emily says, “My favourite thing about working for Happiful is the shared love we have - not only for the work we do - but also for each other.”

5. Trust

Feeling like each team member genuinely has each other’s best interests at heart can foster a culture of trust. It is this trust that feeds into a sense of belonging and an increased drive to be successful. When the team automatically banks on trust, it can bring about a wonderful sense of empowerment and develop team connections.

In his article, Trust Counselling Directory member Warren Vinciguerra talks about the value of trust in any relationship, “Without it, true connection is halted. When trust is established, a potential to grow in closeness to another human being unfolds into a solid bond together.”

6. Finding a sense of fulfilment

If you’re finding joy in the small things (and wins), you are more inclined to notice a spring in your step within your team environment. These work ‘glimmers’ generate a joyful and happy environment to work in. You are then more likely to explore unreached potential without a sense of fear or anxiety. Being able to take chances and share ideas can give the team a real confidence boost.

If you’re looking to take your career or business to the next level, you may like to find a coach for your business needs. Part of your business may involve managing a team, and a business coach can help you identify and make use of each person’s unique skill set. If you have questions about how to make sure everyone is working as well as possible together, team coaching may be an effective way to support your shared goals.

All progress is good progress - even if some days it doesn’t feel like it. Communicating well, celebrating team successes, and maintaining a deep sense of trust and respect will keep your team spirits high - teamwork makes the dream work after all!

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