5 ways a mentor can benefit your personal and professional life

By Pip Taverner,
updated on Oct 19, 2021

5 ways a mentor can benefit your personal and professional life

Could working with a mentor help women reach new heights?

In 2019, the Alison Rose review into female entrepreneurship found that targeted professional support for women could generate up to £250 billion for the UK economy.

More recently, a survey conducted by Yoga Alliance Professionals, the leading professional body for yoga teachers, found that 88% of yoga teachers were interested in working with a mentor. And it’s easy to understand why – 70% of people who have worked with a mentor reported improved relationships, better work performance and communications skills, while 80% reported increased self-confidence due to their mentoring relationship.

Pip Taverner, a leading yoga teacher and business mentor explains just why mentoring is so valuable:

When you think of mentoring, you may imagine an office executive’s workplace perk to get focused on sales targets. The reality is far from that, mentoring can be transformational not only for your business but for yourself. It’s like having a friend or colleague you really admire, who’s walked the walk in your profession, who will offer you advice, tremendous support, and will pull you out of feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

If you’ve started your own business, no matter the scale, turnover or duration, you can hugely benefit from a mentor.

As a yoga teacher mentor, I’ve seen it and done it when it comes to growing a yoga business. I know the industry inside out, from yoga retreats in exotic locations to leading training, opening a yoga studio, scaling to £15k months, the highs and the lows, the emotional up and downs, too. And I share this experience honestly.

Supporting others feels so heart-led, I’m passionate about my mentees’ success, but I also want them to feel empowered, and to not feel alone. Being a solo entrepreneur can be tough and when your business is an extension of yourself it can feel very personal when things don’t run smoothly.


Pip Taverner

Here are five ways a mentor can benefit your personal and professional life to one of feeling empowered.

1. Gaining clarity

When you’re a new business or solopreneur getting clarity on your big picture is key – it’s what you’d love to create or make happen if time and money was no object. We often don’t believe we can make those goals or dreams come true but you really can. A mentor will give you the confidence and belief to say: “I want this for myself and business, and I’m going to make it happen”.

2. Receiving unbiased advice

We can have great mentors in family members, however, there’s an emotional connection that can sometimes make you feel 12 years old all over again when asking a relative for advice on your business, or indeed your life. It can also put a strain on a relationship, especially when you feel unheard, or you’ve other family matters to discuss. I genuinely care for my mentees and can dish out the tough love when it’s needed to get the best results, there is a professional relationship and respect which is a firm foundation for receiving clear unbiased advice.

3. Creating a roadmap

If you didn’t know the route to your destination, would you get in the car and drive with no help, no sat nav? Sure you could figure it out along the way, a lot of wrong turns would be inevitable and it would take you much longer. But it’s much better to plan your journey and find the shortcuts. Planning results in a smoother, less stressful journey. A mentor is your navigation system, so you don’t get lost getting from A to B in your business. If you find yourself going round the houses they will pull you back onto a clear path to save you time and money.

4. Beating comparison-itus and imposter syndrome

Love it or hate it, social media is often essential when building a brand and growing your online community. Late-night scrolling and seeing what everyone else in your field is doing can lead to feelings of not being good enough, an imposter or comparing yourselfrf. When you are constantly measuring your success against others, it can be debilitating. A mentor will pull you up and out of that emotional downward spiral, to see how unique you are, that you deserve to succeed and that we all have our place in the market.

5. Seeing your business as an exciting adventure

One of my favourite testimonials is from a yoga teacher who said, “Pip’s advice and support made me realise that not only was it all possible, it was actually an exciting adventure happening right now”. It is an exciting adventure, there are countless opportunities for you. You’ve got to enjoy creating, growing, and nurturing not only your business but your life. A mentor will give you the support and encouragement to get out there, to go for it and to love every moment of what you do.

Pip Taverner is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Mentor.

She runs mentorship programmes for yoga teachers, healers and space holders. To find out more about Pip, her Mentoring and 1:1 Yoga Business Coaching visit or connect with pip over at Instagram @pipyoga108

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By Pip Taverner

Pip Taverner is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Mentor.

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