5 steps to get in touch with your creative superpower

By Sibby Spencer,
updated on Nov 27, 2021

5 steps to get in touch with your creative superpower

Unleash the magic inside you, and realise your own creative abilities

Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Or are you someone who says things like: “I’ve no imagination,” “I’m tone deaf,” or “I can’t draw to save my life”? Often these labels we give ourselves stem from limiting beliefs, which we formed a long time ago. They may even be based wholly on something we’ve been told by someone else – a teacher at school, our parents, or perhaps an employer.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to be ‘talented in the arts’ to be creative? In fact, our minds are the perfect vessels for inspiration, and our bodies are expertly designed to manifest these ideas in the physical world.

Creativity allows us the freedom to play with those ideas, and while creating something we are usually in a ‘flow state’. Psychologists agree that a flow state increases enjoyment and motivation, and allows us to be more present. Not only that, but the completion of a creative project brings a sense of pride and achievement.

With this in mind, here are five ways you can cut through those limiting beliefs, in order to access your creative superpower for a happier, more fulfilling life.

1. Bust those blocks

Creative blocks are often the product of our limiting beliefs. When we set out to be creative, we are fearful about the outcome, so we convince ourselves it’s not even worth starting! We may be thinking: ‘What if it’s no good? What if it goes wrong? Will people judge me?’

Write down any unhelpful thoughts that keep cropping up, and then either put a line through them, or rip them up and throw them away. Take a deep breath and exhale as you do so. You should feel as if you are letting go of what is holding you back.


2. Recognise that you are a creative being

On a sheet of paper, write down three words to describe creativity. For example, ‘Creativity is beautiful/free/joyful.’ Now, on a second sheet of paper, replace the words ‘Creativity is’ with the words ‘I am...’ and add the same three adjectives. For example, ‘I am beautiful, I am free, I am joyful.’ Stick these affirmations up somewhere you will see them regularly. The more often you read them, the more your brain will start to believe they are true.

3. Quieten your mind

In modern life, we are bombarded with distractions, be it via technology or just the general fast pace of our busy lives. It is easy to find ourselves consumed by our thoughts. Practising mindfulness is a fantastic way to make head-space for creative inspiration. Not sure where to start? Try this simple listening exercise: close your eyes, and listen to the world. If your mind tries to fill up with thoughts, just watch them pass you by like clouds and go back to listening. This will help to create a clearer channel for your creativity to flow.

"Creating something out of nothing, made from your own imagination and desire – what could be more magical than that?"

4. Notice the magic of the universe

Whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, the universe, nature, or nothing at all, trust that there is magic at work around us. Indeed, creativity is proof of that magic. Creating something out of nothing, made from your own imagination and desire – what could be more magical than that? If you’re struggling to notice the magic and you’re feeling bogged down, try daily gratitude. Be thankful for everything in your life that brings a smile to your face – however small. You’ll feel more inspired as a result.

5. Do what brings you joy, and go create!

Now you know how to release your limiting beliefs and quieten your mind, hopefully you’re feeling ready to get creative. Maybe you’d like to write a poem, strum a guitar, dance to your favourite song, paint a picture, or bake a cake. The main thing is to take action, and not worry about the end result. You don’t even have to share your creation with anyone else – just enjoy the process and have fun! Tapping into your creative superpower regularly will not only enhance your wellbeing, but will also strengthen your connection with all the other human beings living on the most beautiful creation of all: planet Earth.

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