5 Small Changes to Feel Powerful

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Mar 13, 2020

5 Small Changes to Feel Powerful

We all have days when we feel out of our depth and like we’ve lost control. Here are five small changes you can make to get back on top

We live in a ‘switched on’ world where we pride ourselves on being busy. We work hard, maintaining social lives and relationships, while also striving to be the best version of ourselves. But sometimes, this constant state of busyness can leave us feeling down-and-out. Naturally, we hit a point of exhaustion, and when things feel out of our control, we typically fall back and surrender.

But there are ways you can reignite your energy levels and get your power back. Lifestyle changes and maintenance – regular movement, healthy eating and time for yourself – are key in looking after both your physical and mental health, and we know that. However, there are some tricks you may not know that can jump-start the ignition. Small changes you can make to feel powerful, whether it’s planning your week ahead, or sneaking into a room five minutes before a meeting to flex your favourite power pose. Ready?

1. Recognise the problem

If there’s something specific grinding your gears, acknowledge it. Are you feeling overwhelmed by your ever-growing to-do list? Have you got a month full of social plans, but really, all you want is a night in your pyjamas and a takeaway pizza? Has a loved one or colleague annoyed you, and you can’t seem to get it out of your head?

Whatever it is that’s winding you up, acknowledge it. Shout it from the rooftops. Get in your car and scream. Let out a loud sigh, dropping your shoulders as you release the breath. Sometimes, it’s letting go of your frustrations in a physical way that can immediately give you a sense of relief.

2. Make a list

Write down the things you need to do – or think you need to do. If you have a million things going round in your head, you’re never going to be able to focus and do them all to your best ability. Write everything down and then, be ruthless. What do you absolutely need to do? Mark the tasks. Next, mark the jobs that are important, but not urgent. Then, mark the things that someone else can do, or are low priority.

On a new piece of paper, write the top three things you need (and want) to get done. Forget all the little jobs and things that are holding you back. You now have your list for the day (or week) – try to stick to it. Giving yourself this time to complete your priority tasks will leave you feeling much better – and totally in control.

3. Get dressed

When you’re feeling stressed, it can take a lot of energy to actually get out of bed and dressed. But trust me, putting on your favourite outfit – one that makes you feel like you can do anything – is a quick trick that can really put a pep in your step.

When you’re wearing what makes you feel good, you naturally hold your head higher. And by being open and standing tall, you allow air into your lungs. You relax your shoulders and float with ease. Sometimes, it’s as simple as pushing your shoulders back and taking a deep breath.

4. Treat yourself

This may be as small as picking up a coffee on the way to work, or arranging a night out (or night in) with your loved ones and a delicious meal. It’s easy to get bogged down with the negative stuff and forget to spend time on yourself.

A simple but effective change can be your attitude. There’s nothing wrong with throwing your hands up and proclaiming, fuck it! Forget those little worries that you can’t do anything about. Often in the grand scheme of things, they don’t matter. Book some time away. Take a day off to do what you want. Leave the guilt behind.

5. Find your power pose

For an instant boost in energy, confidence and power, you need to find your power pose. Brought to public attention by psychologist Amy Cuddy, whose TedTalk has now garnered more than 55 million views, power posing is a technique in which you adopt a stance you associate with power, in the hope of “feeling and behaving more assertively”.

It may sound silly, but for many people, taking five minutes before a big presentation to take a deep breath, and stand in a position that represents power, can instantly lift your mood and clear doubts. It doesn’t have to be applied only at work either; if you’re going on a date, or doing something that makes you feel a little nervous, channel your inner power muse (think, what would Beyoncé do?). Get in the stance that for you, reflects true power, and soon you’ll be oozing strength and confidence, and going about your day with ease.

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