10 things to do in September

Chelsea Graham
By Chelsea Graham,
updated on Aug 17, 2021

10 things to do in September

From accepting yourself, to embracing tranquility when out and about, we share 10 things to do this September

1. Page-turners

You Are Enough: Embrace Your Flaws and Be Happy Being You

How often do you find yourself striving for perfection, or comparing yourself to others? Cheryl Rickman’s new book aims to help those who experience imposter syndrome, or who criticise themselves constantly. Encouraging us to let go of the myth of perfection, You Are Enough is a feel-good action plan to help challenge your inner saboteur.

(Out 9 September, Summersdale Publishers, £10.99)

2. Put on a show


A game that all of the family can play, rounders is the classic sunshine pastime. How far can you hit the ball and will it be enough for you to start a run, or even make it all the way back to base? Gather up everyone’s bags and jackets to act as posts, and carefully choose your teams for an afternoon of cheering one another on.

3. Out and about

Wellbeing by the Lakes

After so much time indoors, we’ve found the perfect festival set in nature. What’s more, we’ll be there too! Wellbeing by the Lakes has a stunning programme complete with expert talks, workshops, yoga, breathwork, and more. You’ll be able to embrace both the tranquility of the 26-acre surroundings and breathtaking sculptural pieces – and yes, it is as blissful as it sounds!

(8–12 September, visit to book tickets)


Wellbeing by the Lakes, 2019

4. Lend us your ears

‘Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness’

Whether you’re simply missing Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, or you love diving into nuggets of information, the ‘Getting Curious’ podcast is a great way to learn something new. Speaking with experts in their field, Jonathan explores everything from the importance of Pride, to the way animals communicate with one another.

(Listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify)

5. Plugged-in

Yuki Kawae

Yuki’s soothing videos are a welcome change to the fast-paced feeling of the usual Instagram feed. His sand videos, in which he creates anything from mesmerising circular patterns to satisfying line drawings, offer an almost meditative quality to calm your mind.

(Follow @yukikawae on Instagram)

6. Tech Tip-Offs

Kitchen Stories Recipes

Hosting a range of thousands of free recipes, Kitchen Stories Recipes allows you to set up your own profile and save your favourites ready for when you fancy them. With its own cooking mode, the app lets you effortlessly chop, dice, and simmer your way through step-by-step dishes, making dinner time that little bit easier!

(Download from the App Store or Google Play)


7. Square eyes

Sex Education

Back for its much anticipated third season, Sex Education promises a hilarious and uplifting watch. Tackling relationships of all kinds and following main character Otis and his friends through the trials and tribulations of love, makes for a wonderful way to brighten any day.

(Available on Netflix)

8. Treat yourself

Africology Bath Rituals Set

Visiting a spa is not always possible in the evening, but who’s to say that you can’t bring the spa to you? With the Africology Bath Rituals Set, complete with bath salts, scrubs, and mud masks, you’ll be all set for a tranquil dip in the tub. A great way to cleanse your body, mind, and soul, the set offers something for everyone.


9. The conversation

International Happiness at Work Week

Do you dread Mondays? When we are happy at work we are likely to enjoy ourselves outside of work, too. International Happiness at Work Week invites everyone to start conversations about employee wellbeing.

(20–26 September, to learn more visit,

10. Get going

Bungee Workouts

A more unusual, but extremely fun exercise class, bungee workouts are taking the world by storm – and prove that bungee cords can be used to create joyous and thoroughly unique workouts. Attached to a cord hanging from the ceiling, bungee workouts will have you using all your muscles.

(Search Bungee Workouts to find a class near you)

To connect with a life coach or discuss ways that you can work on your own mental wellbeing, visit

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