10 things to try in January to benefit your wellbeing

Lauren Bromley-Bird
By Lauren Bromley-Bird,
updated on Dec 16, 2022

10 things to try in January to benefit your wellbeing

From a book about nocturnal exploration, to a podcast that will help you find your mindful moment, try something new with our enriching suggestions

1. Page-turners

Wild Nights Out: The Magic of Exploring the Outdoors After Dark by Chris Salisbury

Instead of settling indoors during the shorter and darker winter days, take it as an opportunity to go on a nocturnal adventure, and explore the wonders of nature after dark. From learning how to call for owls, to fireside storytelling, outdoor educator Chris Salisbury’s fun-filled guide is packed with games and sensory activities that can be enjoyed at any age.

(Out now, £14.99)

2. Out and about

Enjoy a winter picnic

If you think picnics can only be enjoyed during the summer, think again! Winter picnics are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a perfect, low-cost activity to share memorable moments with loved ones in the brisk beauty of winter. So, pack your bag with warm comfort drinks and lunches, and be at one with the outdoors.


3. Act of kindness

Volunteer for Be My Eyes

Living life as someone with vision loss can be difficult, but volunteers at Be My Eyes are here to help make the world more accessible. Sign up to lend your sight to blind and low-vision users to help individuals solve tasks and tackle problems via a live video call – it will certainly make a big difference to someone’s life.

(Visit bemyeyes.com to find out more information)

4. Lend us your ears

‘Meditation Minis’

Do you find it difficult to make time for mindfulness in your busy schedule? With these short five to 20-minute guided sessions, you can always make time for a daily dose. Led by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton, each episode is designed to calm your anxiety and find inner peace.

(Available on all podcast platforms)

5. Plugged-In

Yulia Sherbak

Whether you’re an embroiderer seeking creative inspiration, or someone who can simply appreciate the fine art of “painting with thread”, follow self-taught embroidery artist Yulia Sherbak. The beautifully intricate needlework featuring nature and wildlife, certainly speaks for itself.

(Follow @mossandfeather)

6. Lesson Learned

Relieve headaches with yoga

If you feel a headache coming on, it might be time to roll out your yoga mat for additional relief. Doing gentle yoga poses, like the bridge pose, downward facing dog, and legs up the wall, can help to relieve you of symptoms by boosting circulation and releasing any built-up tension.

(Search YouTube to access yoga tutorials)

7. Tech tip-offs

Action for Kindness

When we are feeling down, sometimes all it takes is a friendly nudge in the right direction to help you to feel more yourself. Action for Kindness sends you daily actions that promote kindness and self-care, to help support your happiness each day, all while contributing to the charity’s mission of creating a happier and kinder world.

(Available on the app store)

8. Get going

ZUU fitness

It’s time to bring out your wild side with ZUU fitness. The at-home HIIT workout encourages you to embrace your animalistic side with exercises that mimic animal movements, such as squatting like a gorilla and scrambling on all-fours like a bear. Are you up to the challenge?

(Search YouTube for a range of tutorials)

9. Square eyes

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Follow actor Zac Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien on an adventure as they document their travels around the world seeking sustainable ways to live. From exploring the water system in Paris, to learning about renewable energy in Iceland, this informative yet entertaining docuseries is on a mission to educate and inspire global change.

(Available to watch on Netflix)

10. Treat yourself

Winter of Wellness bundle

Add a sprinkle of indulgence to your self-care routine during the winter period with Owen Drew’s winter of wellness bundle, featuring awaken wax melts, calm candle, and dream room mist.

The Happiful team would like to extend our deepest sympathies regarding the recent passing of founder, Drew Cockton. His work raising mental health awareness touched so many lives.


(From £65 at owendrewcandles.com)

Image credit : owendrewcandles.com

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