10 things to do this October

Chelsea Graham
By Chelsea Graham,
updated on Sep 14, 2021

10 things to do this October

From learning new habits, to taking time to catch up on hotly-anticipated film releases, we share 10 things to do this October

1. Page-turners

The Face Yoga Journal

As an undated journal that can be started at any time of year, The Face Yoga Journal encourages you to take a little time out of each day to practise techniques and exercises designed to help you reap the rewards of a revitalised face and mind.
(Out 28 September, Watkins Publishing, £14.99)

2. Put on a show

Ginger & Spice Festival 2021

If spicy food tickles your taste buds, then head over to Shropshire this September. The Ginger & Spice Festival, in Market Drayton, hosts local and artisan producers, tasting courses, and even has goody bags. For those interested in seeing the sites, there is also a heritage trail to follow for a foodie adventure.
(Visit to find out more)

3. Plugged-in

Inga Skeie

Inga Skeie is the ultimate knitting enthusiast, who takes her latest project everywhere she goes. Creating socks, jumpers, and everything in between, by hand, she shares her tips, tricks, and creativity with her followers. Whether you’re thinking about picking up knitting needles for the first time, or you’re looking for your next pattern, Inga will make a great addition to your feed.
(Follow @knittingtraditions on Instagram)


4. Lend us your ears


With more than 200 archived episodes, BBC Radio 4’s ‘Bookclub’ podcast, hosted by James Naughtie, features famous authors talking about their greatest novels and answering questions from readers. Featuring chats with everyone from Naomi Alderman to Liane Moriarty, these 30-minute snippets of conversation offer a deep dive into some wonderful stories.
(Listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify)

5. Out and about

Zip wiring

If you enjoy seeking out your next thrill, finding your nearest zip wire could be an exhilarating way to spend the weekend. A fantastic way to get the adrenaline flowing and enjoy the landscape at speed, zip wires are a great way to let off some steam. No previous experience is necessary, so zip wires can be enjoyed by beginners, and the whole family.
(Search ‘zip wire’ to find a location near you)


6. Tech Tip-Offs


Sticking to a habit can be challenging, even once you’ve decided you want to make a change. Offering easy ways to track water consumption, sleep, and fitness, alongside providing suggestions for self-care, relaxation, and ideas for morning routines, Fabulous is a great way to find methods that work for you.
(Download from the App Store or Google Play)

7. Square eyes

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen follows Evan who has social anxiety disorder, and his journey to learning about himself after the suicide of a fellow school pupil. After a letter that was never meant to be seen surfaces, he is given the chance he has always wanted – the chance to fit in.
(Available in cinemas from 22 October)

8. Treat yourself

I Pledge Yoga Gift Box – YANA Active

Including a pack of illustrated yoga tutorial cards, a candle to help you create your own serene environment, and a microfiber hand towel to wipe away your workout, the YANA box is bound to take your session to a whole new relaxing level. The box also hosts a set of prompt cards to help you think positively throughout the rest of your day.
(RRP £30, visit

9. The conversation

World Mental Health Day

It can be really difficult to strike up a conversation with your friends, family, or colleagues about mental health, but World Mental Health Day can be a great ice-breaker. Talking openly about what mental health is, and how to improve it, can be a great way to destigmatise the subject.
(10 October, visit to learn more)

10. Get going

Roller skating

How many of us were given roller skates as a child, loved them, but one day just seemed to outgrow them and never picked them up again? Although it can be scary to get started, roller skating can be a great way to roam around. You could even find a class near you to skate around with others.
(Search ‘roller skating class’ to find a venue near you)

To connect with a life coach or discuss ways that you can work on your own mental wellbeing, visit

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