10 things to do in June to benefit your wellbeing

Lauren Bromley-Bird
By Lauren Bromley-Bird,
updated on May 17, 2022

10 things to do in June  to  benefit your wellbeing

From forging unlikely friendships to an ancient tree walking trail, and a podcast that’ll empower and inspire you, try something new with our enriching suggestions

1. Page-turners

Take a Moment: Activities to Refocus, Recentre and Relax Wherever You Are by Mind

Life can be stressful, but taking a moment for yourself is sometimes all we need to feel ourselves again. Whether you need to refocus, recentre, or relax, experts from mental health charity Mind have developed this handy pocket guide packed with activities and resources to utilise wherever you are.

(Michael O’Mara Books, £9.99)

2. Out and about

Ancient tree walks

Be at one with nature and walk among the most ancient trees in the UK with the National Trust’s walking trail guide. I know what you’re thinking: can trees really be that spectacular? These aren’t just any trees, they are the ‘leafy guardians’ of our earth. Packed with character and history, they are an example of living archeology.

(Visit for more information)

3. Act of kindness

Age UK telephone friendship service

In an initiative to combat loneliness, Age UK offers a free telephone service to reduce feelings of social isolation in older people. The service matches people aged 60 and above to a friendly volunteer for weekly chats. Will you pick up the phone today and be someone’s reason to smile?

(Visit for more information)


4. Lend us your ears


Wellness coach and motivational speaker Emily Abbate invites inspiring individuals, from renowned athletes to ambitious entrepreneurs, to talk about their highest highs and bare all with their toughest hardships. Her goal is to equip you with the skills to overcome your own hurdles, and empower you to be the best version of yourself.

(Available on all podcasting platforms)

5. Plugged-In

Georgia Rose Hardy Photography

Rosie Hardy is a surrealist photographer known for her whimsical, fairytale-like storytelling, but it’s not just a pretty picture! As an expression of her emotions, the images and words on her social feed depict a vulnerability that we can all relate to.

(Follow @georgiarosehardy)

6. Lesson Learned

Become a walrus detective

With climate change having a significant impact on the Arctic, walruses are facing the reality of the crisis. Did you know that you can contribute to conservation science by spending 30 minutes searching through Google satellite images for walruses? You’ll be helping scientists to identify changes in the walrus population, and be learning along the way.

(Visit to find out more)

7. Tech tip-offs


Staying productive can be difficult, but Forest offers a unique approach to time management. Whenever you want to stay focused, plant a tree in the app and it will grow. If you become distracted and exit the app before your timer is up, the tree will die. Partnered with Forest of the Future, you’ll also be helping the planet by growing real trees when you spend virtual coins earned from your productivity.

(Available on the App Store for £3.49)

8. Get going

Puppy yoga

Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult, but this fun-filled class might have the solution: puppies. It involves 30 minutes of puppy yoga, and 30 minutes of cuddles, promising a paws-itively unique experience. Not only are you boosting your own wellbeing, but you’ll also be helping young pups to socialise.


(Visit to book)

9. Square eyes

My Octopus Teacher

This isn’t your average nature documentary; it’s a compelling story that challenges the belief that humans are superior to non-human animals. After living with depression, filmmaker Craig Foster makes a vow to swim in the sea every day, which leads him to experience a rare glimpse into the world of the common octopus, while learning about his own experiences on the way.

(Available on Netflix)

10. Treat yourself

Olverum Bath Oil

Packed with a luxurious aromatic blend of natural essential oils, Olverum bath oil is the perfect indulgence for your bathing routine that will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed. Its therapeutic properties help soothe muscles and relieve stress, while promising a meditative experience for the ultimate ‘me time’. Not to mention, it’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!


To connect with a life coach or discuss ways that you can work on your own mental wellbeing, visit Life Coach Directory.

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