10 rejuvenating things to try in February to benefit your wellbeing

Lauren Bromley-Bird
By Lauren Bromley-Bird,
updated on Jan 20, 2023

10 rejuvenating things to try in February to benefit your wellbeing

From a podcast that will get you stomping outdoors to a photography technique that will light up the sky, try something new with our enriching suggestions

1. Page-turners

Letter To My Younger Self: The Big Issue Presents... 100 Inspiring People on the Moments That Shaped Their Lives by Jane Graham and The Big Issue

What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self? Interviewer Jane Graham conversed with well-known figures, from Paul McCartney to Olivia Colman, to ask them exactly that. The result? Letter To My Younger Self – a collection of reflections and words of wisdom for when you need it most.

(Out now, £9.99)

2. Out and about

Paint a light picture

Try your hand at long-exposure photography, and be mesmerised by the illuminated masterpiece that is captured through light painting. Simply place your camera on a tripod, set your camera to a long shutter speed, and use your torch to paint the sky with light. What are you waiting for? Grab your camera and watch the magic unfold.


(Visit canon-europe.com to find out more)

3. Act of kindness

Volunteer at a Repair Cafe

Are you skilful at sewing, or handy at mending things, and want to put your skills to good use? Volunteer for a local repair cafe to help fix everyday items, such as electricals, bikes, clothes, furniture, and more. You’ll be helping people save money during a time of economic uncertainty and, in turn, contributing towards protecting the planet.

(Visit repaircafe.org to find out more information)

4. Lend us your ears

‘Stompcast with Dr Alex’

Go on a stomping journey with Dr Alex, as he takes you on a wander through the great outdoors and into the lives of each of his podcast guests. In each episode, Dr Alex meets a renowned podcast guest in an outdoor location of their choice and embarks on a walk, all while engaging in thought-provoking conversations about wellbeing and mental health.

(Available on all podcast platforms)

5. Plugged-In

Tamara Michael

Do you ever just feel instantly soothed from a racing mind after doodling? From a scribble to help you to self-regulate, to one designed to provide relief from phone anxiety, artist Tamara Michael has a doodling tutorial for every occasion. There’s a reason art therapy is so popular, so grab your pen and put it to the test.

(Follow @tamaramichael_)


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6. Lesson Learned

Repurpose your old soap

Do you ever have leftover soap ends that you don’t know what to do with? Instead of throwing them away, why not make a new bar of soap? Pop the shards in a pan of boiling water, mix well and strain, then pour into a mould to set. You can even get creative by adding in dried flowers or your favourite essential oil.

7. Tech tip-offs


Do you have any household items lying around? Or maybe you have some food that might just go to waste? Join Olio to connect with your neighbours and local businesses in a community-led mission to tackle waste, and share more. You never know what gems you might uncover…

(Available on the app store)

8. Get going

Try the 25-7-2 workout

Struggling to find motivation for fitness? Head to the gym and give this simple yet effective workout a go! Climb on a StairMaster machine for 25 minutes at level 7 intensity, twice a week. This low-impact cardio is effective for building leg muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, while going easy on your joints.

9. Square eyes

Headspace: Unwind Your Mind

With the help of Headspace, you can now find peace of mind on your TV screen with this friendly, interactive Netflix series. Unwind Your Mind invites you to choose your own mindfulness adventure, with exercises designed to improve your sleep hygiene, to activities that will help you relieve stress and induce a sense of calm. Which wellness adventure will you choose?

(Available to watch on Netflix)

10. Treat yourself

Kodes essential oil aromatherapy diffuser necklace

What better gift is there than a statement necklace that improves your wellness at the same time? Handmade with love and care, flourish in the benefits of aromatherapy on the go with Kodes aromatherapy diffuser necklace. Simply add 1–2 drops of the complementary oil samples – Balance and Wild Orange – to the lava bead, and take in the aroma.


(From £19 at kodes.me.uk)

Image credit | Kodes

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