Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day you could feel happy, calm and in control, simply by choosing the right colours to wear? Research shows that colour can have a psychological effect on your emotions, as well as boosting self-esteem and general wellbeing. So we asked a professional colour consultant to reveal the life-changing benefits of the following colours...

This is a photo of squares in shades of green


When to wear it

This is a photo of a woman wearing green in a city setting

Do you need to forgive someone to enable you to move forward? Wearing green could help to put you in the right frame of mind so that you can find closure, allowing space for renewal and growth. It’s very difficult to embark on a new relationship if you still harbour feelings of resentment towards someone, but when you can forgive them, you are doing yourself a favour as the love can then be allowed to flow once more. Perhaps you actually need to forgive yourself in order for your own personal transformation to take place. In which case, wear some green and mix it with pink, the colour of love and compassion. Green is the colour of loyalty and faithfulness, and while not a passionate colour it enables a sense of peace and balance in relationships.

When not to wear it

Overindulgence in this colour can sometimes bring on a period of inactivity. If you are experiencing feelings of jealousy or envy, decrease green in your clothing.

This is a photo of squares in shades of blue


This is a photo of a woman wearing blue with a blue bike

**When to wear it**

Do you need to keep your nerves under control for optimum wellbeing? Blue is a wonderful colour to wear for calming your nervous system, as it’s shown to release the anti-stress hormone oxytocin. If you find yourself overloaded with stressful thoughts or too much to do, then wearing blue will help you to slow down the pace and create order out of chaos, creating peace of mind and the ability to focus in a calm way. If you need to withdraw mentally from a busy environment, then wearing blue will also help you to gain inner strength. Blue is the colour of tranquillity and peaceful communication, helping you to stay cool in any situation.

Blue is the colour of tranquility and peaceful communication
**When not to wear it**

Blue is not a good colour to wear in abundance if you are feeling lonely, withdrawn or sad. If this is the case, then particularly avoid dark shades of blue.

This is a photo of squares in shades of purple


When to wear it

This is a photo of squares in shades of pink

Do you have a broken heart that needs healing? Perhaps you are coming out of a destructive relationship that has left you seeking a new purpose in your life? If you are ready to face these deep emotional issues, then purple can help you to find peace and move on. Wearing purple, and violet in particular, will make you feel safe. Violet also has the ability to calm a chaotic mind, to help you learn lessons from your past experiences, and then allow new changes to come into your life. Wearing purple with pink is a particularly powerful combination in times of emotional healing.

When not to wear it
If you are feeling down, then please steer clear of purple. Also, if you tend to daydream too much and fantasise, don’t wear it!

This is a photo of makeup in shades of purple

####Pink **When to wear it**

Do you need to let go of the past, or release old habits? We all get trapped into past conditioning. Sometimes the hardest part is waking up to the realisation that you need to relinquish emotional patterns and move forward. If you have found yourself too dependent on others for support, and need to let go of any difficult or hurtful situations, pink is a nurturing colour that can allow you to feel unconditional love for yourself and to forgive others. If you have unhappy memories and need to release events from the past, pink might help you to heal open wounds that have caused psychological turmoil. Surrounding yourself in the loving colour of pink will help you to feel gratitude, too.

This is a photo of squares in shades of pink

When not to wear it
Don’t wear pink if you are feeling particularly emotionally vulnerable or find yourself giving more than receiving. If you are overly dependent on others, avoid pink for the time being.

This is a photo of squares in shades of red


When to wear it

This is a photo of a lady wearing red

Are you looking for a new challenge and want to feel energised to succeed? In psychotherapy, red has been used to boost moods for depression, so if you use red mindfully it can encourage you to come out of yourself and face life with renewed optimism. It can also be a wonderful colour to help you come up with new ideas as it’s a creative colour that propels people to action. Red will inject you with enthusiasm for a new project and the courage to follow it through. If you have been rejected, or have lost a job, or feel lacking in self-confidence, red will help you to gain a new zest for life and give you some much-needed energy to get up and go again.

When not to wear it
Be mindful about wearing red if you are feeling particularly anxious, angry, on edge, or have high blood pressure. Also, avoid red if you don’t want to stand out in a crowd and get noticed. Be careful of certain shades of red. If you have a constant high cheek colour it will only highlight this area.

This is a photo of squares in shades of orange


When to wear it

If you feel particularly nauseous, avoid orange altogether
Do you need to overcome adversity or recover from the shock of an emotional trauma? Orange has a positive effect and will help you to recover after a difficult period that has left you feeling deep grief or despair, and an inability to pick yourself up and feel positive about life. Wearing orange will allow you to feel secure and grounded enough to move out beyond your immediate surroundings to create new relationships and experiences. If you have been through an emotional trauma or shock, then orange really can help you move forward and leave the fear behind. This could be the break-up of a relationship, or anything that has affected you on a deep emotional level.

When not to wear it
Beware of orange if you are overly stressed or easily angered and irritated, or have high blood pressure. If you feel particularly nauseous, avoid altogether.

This is a photo of squares in shades of yellow


When to wear it

This is a photo of a man wearing yellow

For decision making, emotional detachment and clarity of mind, yellow is your colour. If you need to make an important decision, then yellow is a powerful tool in being able to step away from the situation and see it with clarity before you make your choices. If you are plagued by self-doubt, yellow can help to give you the confidence you need to value yourself. As yellow is also the colour of the intellect, it will enable you to stimulate and speed up your thinking processes and, in overcoming indecision, it will allow you to trust in your gut instincts. Also, if you need to let go of a past situation, or detach yourself from old habits, then yellow is a great colour to embrace.

When not to wear it
Never wear yellow in abundance if you are in an unusually anxious or argumentative mood, as this colour will be too mentally stimulating for you.

[Jules Standish](http://www.colourconsultancy.co.uk/) is the author of *The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing* (John Hunt Publishing)