Study finds that speaking out loud could be a sign of cognitive intelligence

The next time you hear your boss speaking out loud to himself at his desk (hmm, like our editor, Jake) there’s no need to worry: it’s actually a sign they could be on to something great. New research from Bangor University has found that talking out loud could be a sign of high cognitive functioning.

Talking out loud has been found to improve concentration and performance levels in certain tasks. Researchers conducted a study where 28 people were given a set of written instructions, and were asked to either read them in their heads or out loud before commencing a task. The study found that those reading out loud processed the instructions better, and consequently achieved better results.

In other words, If you’re nervous about an upcoming task, or planning a project, don’t be afraid to give yourself a little pep talk – it could be your inner Einstein whispering to get out.