Leading mental health charity, Mental Health Foundation, have released a guide for parents looking to talk to their children about scary world news following the figures revealed in their recent survey

Mental Health Foundation have released the results of their recent survey to uncover the impact world events may be having on children. The survey of over 1,800 parents conducted through YouGov, revealed 41% of parents believe their children are anxious about the threat of terrorism.

Almost 1 in 4 parents indicated their children are anxious about the threat of nuclear war, while a third believe their children are anxious about Donald Trump’s presidency, global warming, and climate change.

child worried in car

Parents with anxious children reported an increase in questions asked by their children (61%), increases in their children seeking reassurance (24%), with over 1 in 10 (13%) reporting their children had asked to avoid activities including the use of public transport or going out in busy public areas.

To help parents combat these worries, Mental Health Foundation have created a short, simple guide offering tips on how to talk to children about scary or distressing world news Together with trauma specialist and human givens therapist, Jo Ham, Counselling Directory have created a guide for those looking for advice on how to stay calm and cope with traumatic world events. Our article Terrorism: A Guide for Parents also offers practical tips for parents and adults looking to broach the subject with children.