This Pride, we wanted to do something meaningful. So we put together the Happiful Pride Pledge to amplify LGBT+ voices, ensure LGBT+ representation, and to track progress and keep our efforts consistently high throughout the year

LGBT+ representation has never been better, but that doesn’t mean we still haven't got some way still to go.

The way that the media represents LGBT+ people is vital in the move to challenge discrimination and break down barriers. As a publisher, we at Happiful have a responsibility to elevate LGBT+ voices and ensure that we are properly representing LGBT+ people in our magazine.

We don’t want to jump on bandwagons, tick boxes or fulfil quotas. We want to make a lasting, definitive effort to challenge systemic discrimination. That’s why we’ve put together our Pride Pledge.

Measurable action is essential if we are to continue to push towards parity for all people, regardless of their sexuality or gender. In our Pride Pledge, we have three main areas to address over the coming six months.

We will:

1. Ensure stock images are diverse and represent LGBT+ couples and families

2. Diversify our freelancer pool and encourage pitches from LGBT+ writers

3. Include advice from LGBT+ experts including counsellors and industry professionals

To learn more about how we’re going to address these areas, read our full Pride Pledge.

In six months time, we will reflect on how we have done and publish a report detailing what has been achieved. Have we stuck to our pledge? If so, what can we do next, and if not, why? And how can we turn things around?

Already spotted an area where we could do better? Let us know so we can look at how to improve. Email us at

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Happiful is looking for UK-based LGBT+ writers for freelance online and print opportunities with lots of potential for ongoing assignments. Take a look at our contributor guidelines to see what kind of content we look for.