Happiful Training, in partnership with Simpila Healthy Solutions, provides professional training across mental health awareness and support

Our training courses include:

  • Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) – 2 day
  • Mental Health Champion (MHFA) – 1 day
  • Mental Health Awareness (MHFA) – ½ day
  • i-act – Managing and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace – 1 day
  • i-act – Understanding and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace – 1 day
  • Lunch and Learn – 1 hour
  • 30-minute mental health briefing
  • Company-specific support and training
  • Workplace mental health and wellbeing consulting

All courses can be scheduled upon request to meet your training requirements. Find courses that are available now, or contact us to set up a bespoke training session.

The courses that we train are not about providing a diagnosis but will help to raise awareness of mental health issues, teach you to listen, reassure, and respond – even in a crisis.

Independent research and evaluation shows that taking part in a mental health training course:

  • raises awareness and mental health literacy
  • reduces stigma around mental health and leaves you feeling confident guiding people towards appropriate support
  • boosts knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues
  • encourages people to start a conversation with a person who may be experiencing a mental health issue
  • promotes early intervention which enables recovery

Our courses are delivered to anyone aged 16 or over. All of our MHFA courses are delivered by a quality assured instructor who has attended the - Instructor Training programme accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, and is trained to keep people safe and supported while they learn.

Attendees of these courses do not need any previous experience in mental health. We just ask that you are passionate about learning more about this subject and helping others in the future.

If you would like to find out more information about our courses please feel free to get in touch. You can contact us on training@happiful.com.

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